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Buckle Necklaces 5 and 6


One-of-a-kind necklaces made by using vintage belt buckles and looping an acrylic 'ribbon' through them! We've then hung them from an actual ribbon for the necklace.

We hope you love them as much as we do!

There are two to choose from in this listing, and here are the details for each:

Buckle Necklace 5: Measures approx 16cm at widest point. Yellow buckle made of dyed shell/black acrylic ribbon. (hung on a dark grey grosgrain ribbon)

Buckle Necklace 6: Measures approx 15.5cm at widest point. Green marbled plastic buckle/pink acrylic ribbon. (hung on a sage green grosgrain ribbon)

The fifth photo shows Number 5 being worn, which hopefully gives you a sense of scale for Number 6 as well!

The necklace hangs from grosgrain ribbon (approx 45cm long on each side) which can be tied in a knot/bow at the back of the neck, letting you wear the necklace at a length to suit you!

Free UK postage!