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Cactus Necklace and Cactus Brooch


These little cacti are very easy to look after and don't need much watering!

We've made two different sized cactus necklaces and a cactus brooch!
And if you love cacti then have a peek at our larger cactus sunset necklace and earrings too!

You can choose between:

A spikey cactus necklace (£14)
A spikey cactus brooch (£12)
A teeny tiny smooth cactus necklace (£10)

All your succulent needs catered for!

The cacti are hand cut from 3mm thick green acrylic, and the spikes on the larger version/brooch have been lightly sanded to make it more comfortable to wear!

The larger necklace and the brooch both measure approx 3.5cm high and the teeny tiny one (pictured being worn) measures just 1.5cm high!

For the necklaces, you can choose between either a 60cm or a 45cm long silver plated chain (the length being worn here is 45cm).

And as with all our stuff your cactus necklace or brooch will come packaged in one of our jewellery boxes and has free UK postage.