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Christmas Stocking Necklace


A little reversible Christmas Stocking necklace!

You can wear it as if it's Christmas Eve......so it looks like a normal stocking hung on your mantlepiece with just a hint of holly poking out the top!
Or wear it as if it's Christmas morning and Father Christmas has been and left you a lump of coal, a satsuma and some coins (chocolate ones if you're lucky!)

Oh and there's a sprig of prickly holly in the top just to give you a little surprise when you put your hand in the stocking! (that's what father Christmas did in my stocking anyway!)

As usual, all the components for this little necklace are hand cut on our fretsaw, sanded smooth on the edges and then carefully pieced together!

This design uses 3mm red, white, orange, green, light green, sparkling gold and sparkling black acrylic.

The necklace measures just 6.5cm long (the coins are tiny - just 5mm wide!) and you can choose between a 45cm and 60cm silver plated chain.

As with all our items, your necklace will come in one of our gift boxes and has free UK postage!