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Clump Brooches 7 to 11

£15.00 / Sold Out

Here are 5 little Clump brooches that we've made by collaging our small bits of off-cuts together!

They are £15 each, and every one of these little Clumps (short for Collaged Lumps) is a total one-off original!

Choose your favourite brooch from the images, double check the measurements below, and then select the number from the drop-down menu!

7: approx 4cm wide

8: approx 3cm wide

9: approx 5cm wide (sanded top surface, leaving a lovely frosted effect)

10: approx 4.5cm wide (sanded top surface, leaving a lovely frosted effect)

11: approx 3cm wide (sanded top surface, leaving a lovely frosted effect)

Making Process:
For each Clump, we sort through our off-cuts to choose a suitable base piece, and then we select little pieces with colours and shapes that kind of match, and make a mosaic on top of the base piece.
Then we use our fretsaw to cut around the outside of the shape, as close to the edge as possible, to create a smooth shape.

Then follows about 10 minutes of filing and sanding by hand which eventually give the edges a lovely smooth finish! Hours of fun!

Then we securely glue a brooch pin to the back, and pop it in one of our jewellery boxes!

We hope you enjoy wearing your Clump brooch as much as we enjoyed making it!

*** Please note that the "before" and "after" images of the Clumps (on a pink background) may not be the Clumps listed here! The numbered Clump brooches in the main images on a white-ish background are the ones currently available : ) ***