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Clump Necklaces 1 and 2

£25.00 / Sold Out

These two Clump (Collaged Lump) necklaces have been made by collaging and sandwiching lots of little bits of our off-cut acrylic between two clear pieces of acrylic (which is also an off-cut from our local product designers!).

Then we use our fretsaw to cut around the outside of the shape, as close to the edge as possible, to create a smooth overall shape.

Then follows about 10 minutes of filing and sanding by hand which eventually give the edges a lovely smooth finish. We then buff the clear acrylic on the back, before we pop an eyelet in the top.

There's a lovely optical effect where the clear acrylic seems to magnify the middle layer slightly, as you can see in the side angle pictures.

As they're made for our random off-cuts each piece is totally unique! **And we do plan to make more in the future, keep your eye on social media where we normally announce the new batch of lumps!**

Choose you're favourite from the drop-down menu, these both measure approx 3cm high, and are strung on a 60cm silver plated chain.
(leave us a note at the checkout if you'd prefer a 45cm chain)

Your neckalce will come in one of our jewellery boxes, with free UK postage as always!