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Fuchsia Earrings


Hands up if you love Fuchsias!

And now you no longer have to pick the real flowers and hang them over your ears to pretent you have earrings! And what's more, these life-size-ish dangly Fuchsia earrings will also never wilt!

Hung from a green leaf shaped stud, these pink and purple flowers swing from side to side so nicely when worn.

They measure approx 3.5cm wide, and dangle about 5.5cm in total from the top of the green leaf, to the bottom of the pink stamen. And as with all our things, all the components have been hand cut on our mechanical fretsaw using 3mm thick acrylic sheet.

The earring studs and butterfly backs are silver plated and your earrings will come packaged in one of our jewellery boxes. And there's free UK postage too!