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Hermit Crab Necklace


Delivery time may be longer than usual, as we are making fewer trips to the Post Office.
Royal Mail are also experiencing disruption to their services.
Apologies for any inconvenience! We hope you're all staying well in the current circumstances. xx

Meet Hermit the Crab! He's a bit shy so he's hiding in his shell...but you can say hello if you just flip the necklace over!

It's up to you which way round you want to wear him, but we quite like to have him safely hidden behind his shell, and then you can sneak a peek and have a chat with him when you get a bit lonely : )

There's two different sizes to choose from:

The shell on the larger one measures approx 6.5cm long. (SOLD OUT).

The shell on the smaller one measures approx 3.3cm long. (Small one £18.50).

You can choose for both sizes, whether to have a 45cm or a 60cm long silver plated chain. Both lengths and sizes can be seen being modelled together in the photo here.

The components for them, as with all our stuff, have been individually hand cut on our fretsaw by Brendan! And then we clean up the edges before sticking them together and popping a brass eyelet in the top for the chain to pass through.

The shell is made from a lovely 5mm thick pearlescent white acrylic, and the little crab is made from a crabby coloured 3mm thick acrylic that is frosted on one side that makes it look even more crab like!

Free UK postage!

To add a gift box to your order for £1.00 - please select one from the "Gift Boxes" category in the menu.

And big thanks to Catherine McGinniss who drew the little crab in one of our jewellery workshops! Check out her work, it's lovely!: www.catherinemcginniss.com