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Limited Edition - Sparkly Fishing Boat Necklace

£55.00 / Sold Out

**There's only one of these statement necklaces, but do let us know if you missed out and would like one, and we'll make you something similar!**

We've moulded the lightly sparkling dark blue acrylic (with a silver underside) by using our heat-strip to gently heat the acrylic before hand-sculpting it into a flowing river.

The little lightly sparkling silver fish have hand etched details and are slightly bent to fit the river. And the little paper hat style boat is cut from two pieces of ivory coloured acrylic.

It's quite a statement(!) measuring approx 21cm wide, and 15cm long from the top of the river to the lowest curve.

The necklace hangs from dark blue grosgrain ribbon (45cm long on each side) which can be tied in a bow at the back of the neck, letting you wear the necklace at a length to suit you!

All our necklaces are individually hand crafted, with each component cut out using our mechanical fretsaw.

Free UK postage!

*Please note that gift boxes are not available for this product due to it's size, but it will come carefully packaged in a box that is also suitable for gifting/storing it in!*