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Little Layered Lumps 335 to 339

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Five Little Layered Lump necklaces made out of layers of our 3mm thick coloured acrylic off-cuts!

Each cute little lump is a total one-off original!

Choose your favourite colour, double check the measurements below, then select the corresponding number from the drop down menu!

335: approx 2.5cm high

336: approx 2cm high **£18 it's very narrow and cute!

337: approx 2cm high

338: approx 2.2cm high

339: approx 2cm high

**There is only one of each of these, but don't worry if they're sold out, we love making the Lumps and will be listing more soon!**

Making Process:
Made from random shapes of left-over acrylic that we have in the studio, each lump tries to use the maximum surface area of the pieces it is made from, meaning the shape we draw is dictated by the bits of acrylic selected for each one.

For each lump we sort through our off-cuts to choose 3 or 4 complimentary colours and shapes that kind of match. Then once the layers have been glued together, each lump is cut out by hand on our mechanical fretsaw.

Then follows about 10 minutes of filing by hand and then sanding by hand which eventually give the stripes a lovely smooth finish! Hours of fun!

In one of the images you can see a picture of a lump with the layered off-cut random shapes that it was made from in the background.

The lump is then drilled and strung on to a 60cm silver plated chain.
**Do let us know at the checkout or in an email immediately after purchase, if you'd prefer a shorter 45cm chain!**

We hope you enjoy wearing your lump as much as we enjoyed making it!

*** Please note that the images of the lumps being made and worn is not the lump you are about to buy! The lump in the two main images on a white-ish background is the lump you are purchasing here : ) ***