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Trentham GCSE project collaborations

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Back in March 2014 the students at Trentham High School were set a project to design a piece of jewellery based on our brand!

As part of it we set a mini competition where the winners of the Best Design would have a limited edition made by and sold by us : )

Half the proceeds from the sale of each item goes to a charity chosen by the students.
We love their projects so much that we are still making them today!

You can choose between:

Meg's Apple brooch design: Chosen charity: 'Children Today' ("giving children with disabilities a brighter tomorrow")

Emily's Cupcake brooch design: Chosen charity: 'Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund' ("the charity dedicated to defeating pancreatic cancer by funding innovative research")

Lydia's Princess and the Pea necklace design: Chosen Charity: 'The Douglas Macmillan Hospice' ("a care facility for people suffering from incurable cancer, serving the North Staffordshire area but now looks after people with other life-limiting illnesses.")

Harry's Iguana brooch design: Chosen charity 'Chester Zoo' ("a world-leading conservation charity, doing incredible work all over the world to help protect species from the Hazel Dormouse in the UK to the Black Rhino in Africa")

The second photo shows the students original designs that they made in their G.C.S.E classroom using a fretsaw, needle files and wet & dry paper. Exactly how we make our things! (and the best way to make anything!).

For more info on the project have a look at out blog post about it here:

Apple brooches: approx. 3.5cm high (it's quite small and cute!) and has a safety catch brooch pin secured to the wooden stalk at the back.

Cupcake brooches: approx. 3cm across (it's quite cute - just one delicious mouthful's worth!).
It has a safety catch brooch pin secured to the wooden sponge part at the back.

Princess and Pea necklace: approx. 3cm across (it's quite small and delicate looking!) and you can choose between a 38cm or a 60cm silver plated chain.

Iguana Brooches: approx. 4.5cm high with a safety catch brooch pin secured to the wooden stalk at the back