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Tulip necklace


Tulips, tulips, tulips! We've been busy in the garden and have grown some lovely Spring blooms for you to wear!

All the tulips have been hand-cut on our mechanical fretsaw, freestyle, out of a delicately pearlescent white 3mm thick acrylic semi-circle.

Then little brightly coloured separate tulip flowers have been stuck on behind, so that their colours show through! They are hand-cut from purple, pink and yellow 3mm thick acrylic and there is a green 3mm thick acrylic panel making up the stalks.

The necklace measures approx 10cm at it widest point.

You can choose between a 40cm (pictured) and a 60cm silver plated chain - (or if you prefer somewhere in the middle of the two - just leave us a comment at the checkout!)

As with all our designs, your Tulip necklace will come packaged in one of our jewellery boxes and with free UK postage too!