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Beach Hut Necklace


We love beach huts! And we hope you do too because you can wear a whole row of them with this necklace!

And these beach huts aren't just for summer - you can also pretend you're by the seaside even in the depths of winter!

All of the tiny beach huts and the sea, sky and sand have been hand-cut from 3mm thick coloured acrylic. And then each compontent is sanded by hand to make it smooth on the edges before being pieced together!

The necklace measures approx 10cm at it's widest point.

You can choose between a 40cm and 60cm silver-plated chain. (The one being worn in the photograph here is 40cm).

Your necklace will come packaged in one of our jewellery boxes and comes with free UK postage as with all out items!