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Dunnock Brooch or Necklace


We love our garden birds so much, and have now finally immortalised them in acrylic!

Here's the shyest of our garden bird gang, the Dunnock!

There's a brooch and a necklace version available. The brooch is £15 and the necklace is £18.

The Dunnock measures approx 7cm wide. The brooch has a safety catch brooch pin secured to the back, and there's two different chain lengths to choose between for the necklace; a 45cm (as worn here) or a 60cm silver plated chain.

We love our Dunnock! He's so cute, noodling around in between our pot plants, and waiting for the Robin and the Tits to drop tidbits of food from the bird table. One day we watched the Dunnock teach himself how to fly up to the bird table, it was an amazing, triumphant, moment when he finally made it! (But then the Robin bullied him off, and he didn't go back!) (you can see some pictures of all our garden bird friends on our Instagram, although we've yet to capture the shy Dunnock! @iamacrylic #iamacrylicgardenbirds)

There are 7 birds available in our new Garden Bird collection: Wren, Robin, Blue tit, Great tit, Long Tailed Tit, Dunnock and Goldfinch. They're all available under separate listings, but you can see them all together in the final picture here!

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