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Fuchsia Brooch


We love the way Fuchsia flowers sway in the breeze and we've tried to recreate this charming flower dance with this brooch!

The Fuchsia flower hangs from under the leaves by a large jump ring, and rests on a back piece of frosted clear acrylic. This means as you move around the flower is free to swing gently from side to side without getting caught on your clothes!

You can see the various positions the flower can swing to in the photo showing four swinging all over the place!

As always, all the components have been hand cut on our trusty fretsaw from pink, purple, green and frosted clear 3mm thick acrylic.

The brooch measures approx 5.5cm high by about 5cm wide and has a metal safety catch brooch pin on the back.

And as is usual it will come in one of our jewellery boxes with free UK postage!