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Ice Cream Brooch


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An ice cream a day keeps the clouds away! We just made that up, but this brooch might just work to cheer up the greyest of days!

Each beach hut like background has been cut from 3mm thick plywood on our fretsaw, and then the lines have been hand engraved.

We then paint the hut pink using acrylic paint, and then apply a coat of clear varnish to seal it.

The ice creams themselves are cut from 3mm thick vanilla and mint coloured acrylic, and the cones are cut from 3mm thick pearlescent caramel acrylic.

Each cone is then hand engraved to give it the waffly wafer effect!

All the ice cream edges are sanded smooth before being glued in place and a silver coloured safety catch brooch pin secured to the back.

The brooch measures approx 6cm tall. And you can choose between vanilla or mint flavour!

Free UK postage!

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**this listing is for ONE brooch** (just in case the photos of them both together is a little misleading : ) )