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Little Layered Lump Earrings 10 to 13

£25.00 / Sold Out

Some Little Layered Lump earrings made out of 4 layers of our 3mm thick coloured acrylic off-cuts!

Each teeny tiny little lump is a total one-off original, so all pairs of earrings are mismatched!

Choose your favourite pair, double check the measurements below, and select the corresponding number from the drop down menu!

10: each measures approx 1.8cm high (plus 1.5cm earring wire)

11: each measures approx 1.5cm high (plus 1.5cm earring wire)

12: each measures approx 1.3cm high (plus 1.5cm earring wire)

13: each measures approx 1.5cm high (plus 1.5cm earring wire)

Making Process:
Made from random shapes of left-over acrylic that we have in the studio, each lump tries to use the maximum surface area of the pieces it is made from, meaning the shape we draw is dictated by the bits of acrylic selected for each one.

For each lump we sort through our off-cuts to choose 4 complimentary colours and shapes that kind of match. Then once the layers have been glued together, each lump is cut out by hand on our mechanical fretsaw.

Then follows about 10 minutes of filing by hand and then sanding by hand which eventually give the stripes a lovely smooth finish! Hours of fun!

In the last image you can see a picture of a lump necklace (same process as making the earrings) with the layered off-cut random shapes that it was made from in the background.

We've then drilled a little silver coloured eyelet into the top of each tiny lump and strung them on to sterling silver earring safety wires.

They'll come packaged in one of our little jewellery boxes, with free UK postage as always!

We hope you enjoy wearing your lump earrings as much as we enjoyed making them!