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Little Layered Lump Necklace


A very tactile Little Layered Lump necklace made out of 4 layers of 3mm thick coloured acrylic.

Each lump is stuck by hand, cut by hand, filed by hand and then sanded by hand to give the stripes a lovely smooth finish!

You can choose between a Bright, Dark or Pastel coloured lump.

The "Bright" one is made from pink, orange, yellow and blue layers.
The "Dark" one has delicately sparkling dark blue, light blue, black and lime green layers.
The "Pastel" one has Pearlescent pink, light blue, turquoise and delicately sparkling silver layers.

Each lump measures approx 5cm long and comes on a 60cm silver-plated chain.
Your lump will come packaged in one of our jewellery boxes and as with all our things, has free UK postage too!

These "lump" necklaces are an 'everyday' variation of our original lump necklaces that were born out of a desire to use our off-cuts for jewellery, rather than just recyling them all!

Every month or so we make a batch of special one-of-a kind lumps from our off-cuts which we sell in our Etsy shop - so if you like these lumps, then you should keep an eye out for the specials too - they are sometimes sparkly, come in many, many different colourways and shapes, and each one is totally unique!

(we normally announce each new batch of specials on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook)