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Samples Group 12

£5.00 / Sold Out

Please read the description of each item below (numbered in grey on photo), and then choose the corresponding number on the drop-down menu!

1: Tiny bunny necklace. (£5) Can't remember why we made this! It's in good condition, the chain hangs through a tiny silver-plated eyelet glued into the top of the bunny. Measures approx 1.5cm wide. 45cm silver-plated chain.

2: Pearlescent Blue Bluebird necklace. (£5) This is a earlier version of our Bluebird necklace that we sell still (usual retail (£14) - this one is a slightly older version and has a slightly different shape. It has a few little marks on the surface, but still looks nice. Measures approx 2.5cm wide. hangs on a 45cm silver-plated chain.

3: Baby Blue Bluebird necklace. (£8) A slightly different colourway than our usual Bluebird necklace (usual retail (£14) In great condition. Measures approx 2.5cm wide. Hangs on a 45cm silver-plated chain.

4: Blackbird earrings. (£6) These ones had a tiny scratch on so have been buffed, giving them a slightly different finish than usual, but they still look fine! (usual price £15) Each little bird measures approx 1cm wide, with silver-plated studs.