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Samples Group 7

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Please read the description of each item below (numbered in grey on photo), and then choose the corresponding number on the drop-down menu!

1: Neon red Sycamore Seed necklace. (£5) One of our very early designs from 2006! In good condition except for a few micro scratches on the surface. Measures approx 5.5cm on a 60cm silver-plated chain.

2: Snowdrop Necklace protoype. (£7) Great condition. Measures approx 3cm wide. Hung on a 45cm silver-plated chain.

3: Fox Ring prototype. (£5) Good condition, except for a few micro-scratches on the surface. Measures approx 5cm wide, with about a 1.8cm inside ring diameter.

4: Snowdrop earrings. (£10) Prototype pair, with white instead of green middle bits! (Usual retail £20). Great condition, hung on sterling silver earring wires.