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Star Sign Brooches


Delivery time may be a tiny bit longer than usual, as we are making fewer trips to the Post Office.
Royal Mail are also experiencing some disruption to their services.
Apologies for any inconvenience! We hope you're all staying well in the current circumstances. xx

We've hand stitched all the Star Signs for you! There's brooches and necklaces available! (necklaces are on a separate listing)

We've tried to represent the constellations in as accurate a way as possible - basing our representation (ie our drilled and stitched 'star' holes) on the sky maps and constellation charts by Wil Tirion in the book Skywatching by David Levy.

The hand-cut ovals are made from blue sparkly acrylic, with hand stitched constellations made using light pink embroidery thread through drilled holes.

Each brooch also has some tiny little hand-cut lightly sparkling silver acrylic stars stuck on top. (see the 4th photo to see the blue colour/sparkle a bit more clearly)

The brooch measures approx 6.5cm wide.

Free UK postage!

To add a gift box to your order for £1.00 - please select one from the "Gift Boxes" category in the menu.

If you're buying the Star Sign Brooch as a gift, then here's a handy reminder of the dates that each star sign falls within (based on the dates Russell Grant lists on his website!):

Aquarius: 21st January - 19th February
Pisces: 20th February - 20th March
Aries: 21st March - 20th April
Taurus: 21st April - 21st May
Gemini: 22nd May - 21st June
Cancer: 22nd June - 23rd July
Leo: 24th July - 23rd August
Virgo: 24th August - 23rd September
Libra: 24th Spetember - 23rd October
Scorpio: 24th October - 22nd November
Sagittarius: 23rd November - 21st December
Capricorn: 22nd December - 20th January