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Vintage Fairy Light Earrings Flowers

£28.00 / Sold Out

**Launching Sunday 4th December at 8pm (GMT)

We've rescued some broken vintage fairy lights that our neighbours were going to throw out, and we've turned them into earrings : )

They are super limited in number, just one pair of the yellow, one pair of the red, and two pairs of the green ones.

****Please be aware when buying them that, even if they are in your basket, they are not definitely yours until you have completed the check-out stage!****

The shop software allows more than one person to put the same item into their basket, and then it's a case of 'fastest fingers first' at the check-out.

We understand that it's very annoying(!) as things can disappear from your basket while you're paying if someone else has checked-out with the same item faster than you.

It's out of our control, and having researched it, it seems that all shop software does the same thing.

Anyway, fingers crossed for you that you get the pair you like! : )

Earring details:

We've taken out all the wiring etc, and replaced the bulb with colourful acrylic centres!

They look the same on the front and back.

They measure approximately 4cm tall, with a total dangle of about 6cm including the sterling silver earring wire.

***please note that gift boxes are not available with these.