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Windmill Necklace and Windmill Brooch


Delivery time may be a tiny bit longer than usual, as we are making fewer trips to the Post Office.
Royal Mail are also experiencing some disruption to their services.
Apologies for any inconvenience! We hope you're all staying well in the current circumstances. xx

We love windmills! Our favourite at the moment is the one at Upminster, London....at the very end of the District Line.

This design actually started out as a commission for a fellow windmill lover - we liked it so much that we've added it to our range!

You can choose between a necklace and a brooch version!

Each component has been cut out by hand from 3mm thick green, blue, white, gold, grey and yellow acrylic.

It's quite a cute sized windmill, the whole necklace and brooch both measure approx 5cm at their widest point.

For the necklace you can choose between a 40cm and a 60cm silver plated chain.

Free UK postage!

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