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1970s Inspired Vintage Buckle Brooches


Retro brooches made by using vintage belt buckles and looping an acrylic 'ribbon' through them! We hope you love them as much as we do!

For these we have engraved a 1970's psychedelic inspired pattern on the acrylic 'ribbon' to make it look a bit like fabric. We've hand engraved each design (so they'll be very slight differences on each one) and then we've lightly sanded parts of the pattern to give the two-tone effect.

Choose between:

Pale pink vintage buckle/turquoise acrylic ribbon (*only one available*)
Orange vintage buckle/minty green acrylic ribbon (three available)
Green vintage buckle/orange acrylic ribbon (six available)
Turquoise vintage buckle/fuchsia pink acrylic ribbon (two available)

(if the colour choice no longer appears on the drop-down menu, then that colour has sold out)

These are lovely big statement brooches, and measure approx 10.5cm wide.

The fifth photo gives you a sense of how the brooches sit when worn. The one pictured (which is no longer available) measures 11cm wide, which is a very similar size to these brooches.

All the brooches have two small safety catch brooch pins secured to the back (see fifth picture).

**Please note that gift boxes are not available with this product. (because they're just a bit to big to fit in one!)