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Buttercup Meadow brooch


A Buttercup Meadow brooch containing all our favourite flowers!

All the acrylic for this brooch has been upcycled (except for the pink for the Tulips). The yellow for the Buttercups is actually made from an old McDonald's sign!

We've also made a Buttercup Meadow necklace, and an XL necklace too! (find these on seperate listings)

The Buttercups, Tulips and Bluebells all have a lovely glossy finish, and the green has a lovely sanded matt finish, which gives a nice contrast.

(some of the yellow has some very little scratches on from it's previous life as a McDonald's sign!)

The brooch measures approx 6.5cm wide and has a safety catch brooch pin secured to the back.

As these are made from off-cuts they're slightly limited in number.....but if it's sold out, do drop us a message, because as we make everything to order, we may still be able to make you one!

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