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Chemistry Set Necklace

£30.00 / Sold Out

Whether you're a scientist, or just have a nostalgic love for your old school chemistry lab, this is the necklace for you!

Our Chemistry Set necklace is made up of a conical flask, two round bottom flasks, 3 test tubes, some neon liquids, and a little test tube rack.

All the components have been hand cut from 3mm thick acrylic on our trusty fretsaw, and then had their edges sanded smooth before being pieced together.

The flasks are made from solid white which really makes the neon pink, yellow and blue liquids in the test tubes on top pop! The test tubes are made from clear acrylic and the little rack is from dark grey acrylic.

The necklace measures approx 7.5cm wide and you can choose between a 40cm and 60cm silver plated chain.

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