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Chunky Geo Necklace


Brendan has had fun designing these double-sided, kinetic, geometric necklaces from all our chunky 5mm acrylic stock.

There's also a monochrome version on a separate listing : )

Most of the thick acrylic we've used here, we rescued when our old local acrylic fabricators relocated and was clearing out loads of off-cuts/random sheets. And the matt white we've used, used to be display shelves in the Stonehenge visitor centre!

And as with all our pieces, each separate component is individually cut out on our mechanical fretsaw, and then cleaned up by hand before being carefully pieced together! (a labour of love, but fun!!)

The necklace pivots on the points where each different shape is attached together, and as you can see from the second photo here, it can be moved into different positions. Fun to fiddle with whilst wearing!

It is also double sided, and has an extra cheeky red dot on it's 'back' side! (the last image here)

The necklace, when worn in the leval position, measures approx 14cm long (including the sliders on the ribbon). And has a 50cm black grosgrain ribbon each side, with an easily adjustable slider/clasp at the back too!

**Please note that gift boxes are not available with this product.