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Chunky Monochrome Chain Necklace


We've made some Chunky Chain necklaces from some lovely 5mm thick acrylic!

We've made this lovely monochrome one, and there's a super bright version too : ) (on a separate listing).

The 5mm thick matt white that we've used for this necklace, used to be display shelves in the Stonehenge visitor centre!

We've had fun coming up with a shape for the chain pieces that tessellates perfectly to minimise waste when making them.

And as with all our pieces, each separate component is individually cut out on our mechanical fretsaw, and then cleaned up by hand before being carefully pieced together! (a labour of love, but fun!!)

The necklaces measures approx 23cm long on each side, with approx 22cm of black grosgrain ribbon on each side. And we've made an easily adjustable slider/clasp at the back too!

**Please note that gift boxes are not available with this product.