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Chunky Off-Cut Bead Necklace


We've made some chunky beads! They're so tactile and nice to fiddle with whilst wearing : )
These necklaces each have two clear 'Watermelon sweets', one neon yellow 'Fig Roll', and a round black, blue & green 'Liquorice Allsort' : )

They're all made from ours and other maker's off-cuts, which we've used with a combination of techniques (layering up, sanding, heat bending and drilling) to create these various beads!

We've also made some individual 'Fig Roll' bead necklaces too (as seen in the last image here) which are available on a seperate listing!

As we have limited quantity of the various off-cuts (especially the neon pink which we rescued from a skip last year!) there are only 10 of these necklaces available.

But, we love the way they look, so will be making more variations in the future if these sell out!

Measurements: The beads are approx between 1.5cm-2cm thick. They are strung on a metre length of black grosgrain ribbon, which we like to tie in a triple knot to keep it nice and secure!

**Please note that gift boxes are not available with this product. (because they're just a bit to big to fit in one!)