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Dazzle Zebra Brooch


Delivery time may be a tiny bit longer than usual, as we are making fewer trips to the Post Office.
Royal Mail are also experiencing some disruption to their services.
Apologies for any inconvenience! We hope you're all staying well in the current circumstances. xx

Bedazzle everyone with our Dazzle Zebra brooch!

**IMPORTANT INFO: due to the making process (where we cut out a totally black, and a totally white version, and then swap over half of the pieces to get the dazzle effect on each one) you will receive either a black eyed, or a white eyed Zebra at random. If you have a definite preference, then please do pop a note at the checkout and we'll do our best to accommodate your request!

**And, as the lines on each brooch are drawn and then cut out by hand, please do be aware that there might also be slight differences between the ones pictured here and the one you'll receive!

The brooch measures approx 7.5cm wide and 6cm tall. (you can get an idea of the size when worn as it is the same size as the necklace in the 5th picture) and has a safety catch brooch pin glued to the back.

Free UK postage!

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