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Fantail Necklace


A sweet turquoise Fantail bird necklace, with engraved details, and a choice of either a pink flower or a pink heart decoration!

We've hand engraved the little leaves, the decorative eye and the tail features onto the turquoise, and the surface has then been lightly sanded back giving a lovely textured finish. Then we pop a heart or a flower on the front, and put it onto a delicate pink background.

This Fantail collection was inspired by bird and flower designs from the seventies, in both illustration and pottery. And in the modelled shot here, Ruth is wearing a ballgown her Mum made in the 70's, another source of inspiration!

The necklace measures approx 6.5cm wide, and you can choose between a 40cm or 60cm silver plated chain.

To add a gift box to your order for £1.00 - please select one from the "Gift Boxes" category in the menu.

(please note that as all the details are engraved by hand, with no template, they might differ ever-so-slightly each time, which you can see in the ones pictured here : ) )