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Fantail Statement Necklace


A cute gold Fantail bird sits on a green background with flowers and hearts all around it!

We've hand engraved the little leaves, the decorative eye and the tail features onto the golden bird, and hand engraved little leaves and dots onto the green background. All of the surfaces (except the gold bird) have then been lightly sanded back giving a lovely textured finish.

This Fantail collection was inspired by bird and flower designs from the seventies, in both illustration and pottery. And in the modelled shot here, Ruth is wearing her Mum's wedding dress (that she made herself) from the 70's, another source of inspiration!

The necklace measures approx 12cm wide, and you can choose between a 40cm or 60cm silver plated chain.

To add a gift box to your order for £1.00 - please select one from the "Gift Boxes" category in the menu.

(please note that as all the details are engraved by hand, with no template, they might differ ever-so-slightly each time : ) )