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Fig Roll Necklaces


We've made some 'Fig Roll' bead necklaces! They're so tactile and nice to fiddle with whilst wearing : )

They're made from another maker's excess neon yellow acrylic, and from some blue that we rescued from an acrylic fabricator's scrap pile a few years ago.

We've cut out some strips and heat bent them to form these 'Fig Rolls'!

The neon yellow is such a great summery colour, and the delicate blue looks lovely with the textured surface that we've given it.

The beads are approx 2.5cm wide, and 2cm thick. They are strung on a metre length of black grosgrain ribbon, which we like to tie in a triple knot to keep it nice and secure!

**Please note that gift boxes are not available with this product. (because they're just a bit to thick to fit in one!)