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Months and Meanings Flower brooches (January to June)


We've chosen some of our favourite flowers to represent the various months of the year, picking and choosing between both the English and American categorisations of monthly flowers.

And we've mainly taken information on the symbolism of these, from a lovely little book called The Language of Flowers complied and edited by Mrs L Burke in 1963.

We have created:

Snowdrops for January - symbolising hope.

Violets for February - symbolising faithfulness.

Daffodils for March - symbolising regard.

Sweet Peas for April - symbolising delicate pleasures.

Lily of the Valley for May - symbolising a return to happiness.

Roses for June - symbolising love.

(July - December brooches are on a separate listing!)

As with all our items, the components for each brooch have been individually cut out on our fretsaw. The stems and leaves have been 'drawn' into the lovely white or blue pearlescent top layer, revealing the green underneath. And then all the little flowers have been stuck on top of this.

Each brooch measures approx 5cm tall, and has a metal safety catch brooch pin secured to the back.

We'll include a little insert with your order to remind you of the month it represents and the meaning it carries.

Free UK postage!

To add a gift box to your order for £1.00 - please select one from the "Gift Boxes" category in the menu.

(And in case there's any confusion (as they are photographed as a group) the price for each brooch is £20 and there are 6 to choose from! Please select your favourite(s) from the drop-down menu!)