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Four Seasons Tree Necklace


Cute lollipop trees depicting the four seasons on one necklace! Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn and then back to Winter, Spring, Summer etc!

You can buy the little tree ornaments that inspired this necklace in our Tiny Tree Arboretum category : )

As with all our things, all the components for this necklace have been hand-cut from acrylic on our trusty fretsaw, and then the edges have all been smoothed, so it's nice to touch!

The background is a delicate pearlescent white with brown behind for the trunk, and then the various different seasons are depicted using light pink, raspberry, bottle green, grass green, orange and yellow acrylic, with a bright green grassy mound!

The necklace measures approx 8.2cm wide and you can choose between a 40cm or 60cm silver plated chain (the length being worn here is 40cm long).

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