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Sarah Millican Well Done Flower Brooch


To celebrate her new Bobby Dazzler tour, we've worked with Sarah Millican to design this exclusive Well Done Flower brooch!

It's inspired by Sarah's coaching voice on the Couch to 5K running app where she says "well done flower, you should feel proud of yourself" to spur on the runners!

So no matter how big or small an achievement you've made recently, congratulate yourself with one of these, and imagine Sarah saying "well done flower" to you as you wear it!

Visit Sarah's website for more information about her tour: www.sarahmillican.co.uk

Measurements etc:
The water lily brooch measures approx 6cm wide, and has a safety catch brooch pin secured to the back.

The water lily flower is made from 2 layers of 3mm thick pink glossy acrylic and the lily pad from 3mm thick green glossy acrylic. Each component has been hand-cut on our trusty fretsaw, then filed and sanded so it feels nice and smooth to wear.

(We also have a necklace version available on a separate listing.)

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