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Snowdrop Necklace

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Nothing signals the promise of Spring quite like a beautiful clump of Snowdrops! They are definitely one of our favourite flowers, and what better way to celebrate them than with a necklace!

We've chosen a lovely pearlescent blue for a wintery background for these pretty little flowers! (you can really see how pretty the blue is in the second image of it boxed). The little inlaid flowers and the background stems are made from glossy green and white acrylic.

Each necklace is hand drawn by Brendan before he cuts them out on our trusty fretsaw, so please be aware that there might be ever such slight differences between each one made, but rest assured, they'll all look pretty similar to the one pictured!

The necklace measures approx 8cm wide, and you can choose between a 40cm (as pictured being worn here) or a 60cm silver plated chain.

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