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Space Diamond Necklaces


We've made some Space Diamonds! Did you know that scientists believe that it might rain diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter? We love this idea!

We've roughly hewn these Space Diamond necklaces on our fretsaw from a big chunk of acrylic (that we rescued from the scrap pile a few years ago from an acrylic supplier who was clearing out their store cupboard before moving premises!).

We've then filed and sanded down the surfaces, leaving a rough sandpaper finish at the top, and working down to a highly polished bottom with super shiny facets!

It has a lovely difference in texture from the top to the bottom, making it a very tactile thing to wear!

****Please note: The Space Diamond you receive may differ ever-so-slightly from the ones pictured here as they're all individually hand-cut and finished, meaning each one is totally unique!

They measure approx 4.5cm long, 2.5cm wide, and 2cm thick (nice and chunky!).

You can choose between a 45cm or a 60cm silver-plated chain. (the one pictured here is 60cm long)

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