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Starburst Brooches


Brendan has been hard at work sifting through all our off-cuts to find suitable sized bits and colour combinations to make these Starburst Brooches!

There's three colour ways to choose from (Pastel, 1970's and Rainbow) that use the colours that we have the most off-cuts of.
This means that we should be able to replicate the colours exactly each time, but please note that the shape of the shards may differ slightly each time as they're cut from off-cuts, (but the finished brooch will look basically the same as these!).

A bit more about the process:
These brooches are made by cutting out shards from ours (and some other maker's) skinny bits of off-cuts from around the edges of the rectangular sheets of acrylic.

The shards are stuck onto a clear round background (an off-cut from our local product engineers), and then a little star has been cut out through both layers in the middle, giving a lovely subtle starburst effect.

Each brooch measures approx 6cm wide and has a safety catch brooch brooch pin glued on the back.

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