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Starburst Statement Necklace


Brendan has been hard at work sifting through all our off-cuts to find suitable sized bits and colour combinations to make these Starburst Statement Necklaces!

They're made by cutting out shards from ours (and some other maker's) skinny bits of off-cuts from around the edges of the rectangular sheets of acrylic.

The shards are stuck onto both sides of a clear background (an off-cut from our local product engineers), so it's reversible!

PLEASE NOTE: As these necklaces are made from off-cuts, your necklace won't be exactly the same as the one pictured. However, a very, very similar colour scheme will be used, and it won't look too different! Delivery time will be slightly longer than usual - about 1 week.

If there's a particular colour that you'd like us to feature more of in your statement necklace, then leave us a note at the checkout and we'll sift through all our off-cuts and see what we can do!

The necklace measures approx 15cm wide and has a grossgrain pink and blue ribbon (45cm long on each side) which can be tied in a knot/bow at the back of the neck, letting you wear the necklace at a length to suit you!

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Delivery time may be a tiny bit longer than usual, as we are making fewer trips to the Post Office.
Royal Mail are also experiencing some disruption to their services.
Apologies for any inconvenience! We hope you're all staying well in the current circumstances. xx