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Stitched Autumn Leaf Brooches


We love it when the leaves turn to all kinds of Autumnal shades, so we've made some leaf brooches to celebrate our favourite season!

We've modelled the leaves on a Tulip Tree leaf (orange), English Oak Tree leaf (gold), Silver Maple Tree leaf (yellow) and a Frosted Thorn Tree leaf (red). You can see the original leaves that we actually drew around for our designs in the main image here!

Each leaf is hand etched with a geometric shape to give it some texture, and then the holes are hand drilled, before being stitched with embroidery threads through the acrylic to create the leaf veins.

Orange Tulip Tree leaf £18 - measures 6.5cm high
Gold English Oak Tree leaf £16 - measures approx 7.5cm high
Yellow Silver Maple Tree leaf £20 - measures 7cm high
Red Frosted Thorn Tree leaf £18 - measures approx 7.5cm high

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