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Stitched Seed Head Necklace (Wintery Colours)


Stitched Seed head necklaces, using wintery coloured acrylic backgrounds, and made using felt and embroidery threads.

Have a look at our other listing for these, which use much warmer acrylic colours.

In this listing you can choose between these acrylic backgound colours:
-80's Mint Green (the surface of which is gently sanded giving a matt finish)
-Pearlescent Pink
-Light Mint Green (this acrylic has a lovely matt finish)

These will come strung on a 40cm silver plated chain (as seen worn in the last photo here) but do let us know at the checkout if you'd prefer a longer 60cm silver plated chain.

How these are made:

Once we've cut out the initial background shape, (which looks kind of like a bow-tie before we bend it in half!) we've then drilled little holes into the acrylic which we've stitched through using embroidery threads and felt.

We've also cut in some little line drawings of seed heads using our thin saw blades.

And then finally, we've used our heat-strip to bend the acrylic background in half, back on itself, creating a kind of clam-shell shape, but more importantly, protecting the stitching by encasing it inbetween the two sides.

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