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Textured Pastel Landscape Necklace


We've made some little landscape pieces inspired by lino cut printing and 1950's pattern designs! There's also a little brooch on a seperate listing.

The clear backing on these pieces means that they have quite a different feel depending on what colour outfit you're wearing (as demonstrated by the blue and pink backgrounds, and light coloured dress here!)

The backgound has been roughly sanded to give it a lovely texture, and the little shapes have sanded outlines and glossy middles, which makes the shapes stand out nicely! (you can see the difference in textures in one of the photos with the light shining on them)

The necklace measures approx 11cm wide, and you can choose between a 40cm (pictured worn here) and 60cm silver plated chain length.

These are made from ours and other maker's acrylic off-cuts* and from some excess clear acrylic given to us by our local product engineers! (*all off-cuts except the blue house)

As they're made from off-cuts they're slightly limited in number, but we actually have quite a bit of these particular colours, so hopefully everyone who wants one will get one : )

**Please note that gift boxes are not available with this product. (because they're just a bit to big to fit in one!)