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White Daisy Necklaces and Brooch


We've gone full on 70's Flower Power with these Daisy Necklaces and Daisy brooches!

There's three different colourways available, all in seperate listings, and here are the white ones!

Choose between an XL Daisy necklace, a Large Daisy necklace or a Daisy brooch. (or get them all!)

They're made from 5mm thick yellow and white acrylic (the white pieces are off-cuts from our local design engineers!).

The quantity of stock for these is a little bit limited in number as the 5mm thick acrylic isn't something we usually use, so when it's gone it's gone!

The XL necklace (£44) is really big! It measures approx 14cm wide, and is strung through with a double ribbon measuring approx 50cm on either side, which you can tie in a bow (or we prefer to tie a knot as it feels a bit more secure!)

The Large necklace (£35) measures approx 10cm wide, and has a single ribbon, again measuring about 50cm on either side, so long enough for a bow or a knot.

The brooch (£25) measures 8cm wide, and has a safety catch brooch pin secured to the back.

**Please note that gift boxes are not available for these!**