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Wren Brooch or Necklace


We love our garden birds so much, and have now finally immortalised them in acrylic!

Here's the smallest of our garden bird gang, the Wren!

There's a brooch and a necklace version available. The brooch is £12 and the necklace is £15.

The Wren measures approx 3.5cm wide. The brooch has a safety catch brooch pin secured to the back, and there's two different chain lengths to choose between for the necklace; a 45cm (as worn here) or a 60cm silver plated chain.

We were lucky to have some Wrens nesting in our garden last year, and we got to see the tiny fledgings grow up....so cute, and so naughty at bedtime...flying in and out of the nest constantly!! (you can see some pictures of our garden bird friends on our instagram: #iamacrylicgardenbirds)

There are 7 birds available in our new Garden Bird collection: Wren, Robin, Blue tit, Great tit, Long Tailed Tit, Dunnock and Goldfinch. They're all available under separate listings, but you can see them all together in the final picture here!

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