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Buckle brooches 147 to 149


One-of-a-kind brooches made by using vintage belt buckles and looping an acrylic 'ribbon' through them! We hope you love them as much as we do!

For these we have engraved a pattern on the ribbon, to make it look a bit like fabric. We've hand engraved each design, and then lightly sanded the surface, so the acrylic has a lovely matt finish.

There are three to choose from in this listing, and here are the details for each:

Buckle Brooch Number 147: (£28) Approx 10.5cm wide. Red plastic buckle/black hand engraved acrylic ribbon.

Buckle Brooch Number 148: (£24) Approx 9cm wide. Marbled light red plastic buckle/red hand engraved acrylic ribbon.

Buckle Brooch Number 149: (£28) Approx 9.5cm wide. Marbled plastic buckle/red hand engravd acrylic ribbon.

The fifth photo gives you a sense of how the brooches sit when worn. The one pictured (which is no longer available) measures 11cm wide, which is approx the same size as Buckle Number 147.

All the brooches have two small safety catch brooch pins secured to the back (see fifth picture).

The acrylic we've used for these had already had it's protective coating removed when we got it (as off-cuts from another maker.) So it lends itself perfectly to being engraved and sanded back, as it's a great way of using up acrylic that we couldn't use in our core range due to slight surface marks!