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Piggy Bank Necklace


Oink! Oink! Portable Piggy Banks!

Actually they're just necklaces that look like piggy banks, but they are functional, you can pop a coin or two in to them just like with a real piggy bank!

We've made two sizes to choose from:

The smaller piggy (£30) (measuring approx 7cm wide) can fit a £2 coin in his belly : ) Or several smaller coins.

The bigger piggy (£40) (measuring approx 10cm wide) is a bit greedier and can fit more in his belly, accommodating a £2 coin, a 20p, a 5p and a 1p all at the same time!

(£1 coins are too thick, but pennies are more fun to play with anyway!)

Each piggy bank necklace is made up of 3 layers of baby (piggy) pink 3mm thick acrylic. The middle layer has a belly shape cut out inside for the coins to drop into!

You can choose which silver plated chain length you'd like with 45cm (as pictured) or 60cm available.

And as with all our stuff, your piggy bank necklace will come packaged in one of our jewellery boxes with free UK postage!

We also have a brooch version, pictured here to show more detail of the top, as it's the same design as the necklace!

And if you'd like to see a video of the piggy bank necklace in action, search on Instagram for #piggybankholidayweekend

****PLEASE NOTE this is NOT a toy and is not suitable for young children****