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Starburst Earrings 3 and 4

£18.00 / Sold Out

(Don't worry if you miss out on your favourite, email us and we can make you something v similar!)

Brendan has been hard at work sifting through all our off-cuts to find suitable sized bits and colour combinations to make these one-of-a-kind Starburst earrings!

They're made by cutting out shards from ours (and some other maker's) skinny bits of off-cuts from around the edges of the rectangular sheets of acrylic.

The shards are stuck onto a pearlescent blue circle (a by-product from our tree brooches). We've then added sterling silver earring wires.

The earrings measure approx 3.5cm long, and with the earring wires have a total 'dangle' of approx 5cm

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